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June, 2014

Apache James with Cassandra

The number of Linagora customers grows up every day. To adapt Linagora’s projects to this state, we need to propose a scalable mail server solution. Apache James is this kind of server and we also have experiences on Apache Cassandra, the NoSQL database of the moment. So we have decided to use James with Cassandra […]


Brainstorm session : How to properly use Websockets in the ESN ?

At Linagora, we want to build a rich an functional ESN, which means it must have cool features like server notifications, instant messaging, video chat… This bidirectional clien-server communication can be done using different technologies. Among these technologies we decided to use Websockets which can be a powerful and efficient way to implement these features. […]



Brainstorming session: XMPP integration into real time web application

We, at @linagora, are currently developing a new open source project: OpenPaaS (@awesomepaas). One of the component of this platform is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN), ie the Facebook++ for the enterprise. When it comes to social stuff, we first think about sharing statuses, connecting to people and messaging. And since we are open, XMPP […]


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Brainstorm session: core is too big

This is the summary of a brainstorm session that happened during the last AwesomePaaS CodeCamp. What’s the matter The Awesome team is aware that the current project organization, that is a monolithic repository with all components in a unique place is not scalable. In this brainstorm session we discussed the goals of a modular system, […]


Brainstorm session: related works on authorization mechanisms for Node.js

Applications and, more precisely, web applications that deals with users, resources and interaction between them require an authorization mechanism. iphone 8 liverpool case This kind of solution adds abstraction layer to the application to increase its behavior and it efficiency. Within Linagora Labs, we are currently developing a enterprise social network (ESN, for short) composed […]


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