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September, 2017

Even a $500 bike that fits your body geometry

Pay those bills and pay them now. Don’t do anything else until those bills are paid. Don’t come back here until you’ve paid your taxes and all your employees. Ferrara was among six servicemen who were killed in an ambush Nov. 9 while leading a NATO force whose goal was to help stabilize and reconstruct […]


McAllester points out that Newsweek’s print edition actually

Congrats p dit engagement. Din store dag er nsten her og den primre bekymring p forkant med dine tanker, nr at forestille sig din store dag er at blndende gteskab udstyre, at du vil bre som g ud af passagen. Under alle omstndigheder er der ingen tvingende grund til at blge nr du sger efter […]


(I think the soap is the biggest killer) and if I really

Mayor. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray and look at how his circle of friends and advisors might influence what kind of mayor he’d be. Super slick dildos, silicone based lubes will last a good long time. Water alone will not wash it off so toy time in wet conditions is where this lube shines. Whether […]


However, the asymptomatic factor is causing me more anxiety

The oil is a solid, but when it is put on the finger it feels more like a liquid like massage oil. It also kind of feels like a lip balm or gloss. It feels slick and slightly greasy between the fingers. On today’s podcast dildos, Labrador Morning’s John Gaudi looks into the question of […]


The handset based solution is pretty straightforward

Oh, man, what a cock up. Weiner was always a staff mauling, race baiting loudmouth, making enemies in his own party for protecting the middle class and for talking to Republicans the way Republicans talk to everyone. Still, it takes a Film Schwarzenegger sense of invulnerability to use Twitter for sexting and not expect to […]


About other punk bands i don’t like it so much

Term survival looks pretty bleak too. If you a female you can repopulate the world using sperm banks but if you happen to be male the human race is now fucked. We already produce enough food to end world hunger. William DeWitt Snodgrass spent a half century or more writing poetry, most of it vigorous […]


However, if you have more time to play, I could see how this

Facebook is an ads platform, which means it creates a means to serve ads: like a televsion channel, or a newspaper. NBC is not responsible for airing an ad that isn true, the advertiser who made the ad is. If an advertiser is spreading false information, they should be held accountable, not the platform they […]


And yes some people are total wank jobs about how they

She said the tsunami was probably caused by the collapse of a big section of the volcano slope. Anak Krakatau has been erupting since June and did so again 24 minutes before the tsunami, according to the geophysics agency. Other scientists have said an underwater landslide may also have contributed to the disaster.. There are […]


All the BC ads make it very clear that you should not smoke

She was a smoker and was on NuvaRing. All the BC ads make it very clear that you should not smoke and take hormonal BC because of the risk of blood clots. And she’s a med student, so she had to have known that was a risk. I really don know if it a health […]


She dropped her first solo album

Interviews: According to the Chicago Tribune, “Illinois tried to entice Colorado AD Rick George and Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley, but both declined, according to sources. George, a former Illinois football player Cheap Jerseys from china, stated early in the process that he was content at Colorado. Northern Illinois AD Sean Frazier declined to move […]


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