EasierGov - SOA Governance Tool

Maturity: experimental (Please read our advices about using experimental research results before using this project.)

EasierGOV will be an open source SOA governance tool for SOA Administration. The goal is to provide such facilities as controlling SOA resources, managing services life-cycle. Indeed, its model is based on the language Unified Service Description Language (USDL) to describe services from a business and operational point of view and align this wih the technical perspective.

The following schema describes what the main components of what to expect from the SOA governance tool EasierGOV :

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SOA Governance

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EasierGOV tool.

EasierGOV provides an administrative API enabling to synchronize with a service infrastructure (such as Petals ESB) that allows managing services as WSDL, events as Topics Namespace and service level agreements as WS-Agreement.

If you want know how to use EasierGov library, please consult the list of How-tos.
If you have any questions, please use the [EasierGov contact form|Contact].


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