Travel Agency

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Short Description: The travel agency is classical academical example to explain SOA principles. This example is an implementation of a service a Travel Agency can provide to its customers. The BPEL process allows to book a flight, a car and a hotel for a stay. These reservations are made simultaneously to the three Travel Agency partners.

More precisely, it corresponds to an orchestration process of 3 partners. The client has to give his name and address, his departure and arrival dates and places.
The process returns to the client a message to indicate either the booking successfully occurred and his reservation ids, either the booking of one of the partners failed.

These partners are

  • an airline booking service and a car rental service implemented by synchronous in-out Web Services,
  • and an hotel booking service implemented by an asynchronous service (made of one in-only Web Service and a callback sent to the BPEL process (at hotelReceive activity)).

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