EasyBPEL Overview

EasyBPEL is a WS-BPEL 2.0 engine able to orchestrate services based on WSDL description. Easy BPEL can manage WSDL descriptions for its partners, thanks to EasyWSDL.
As illustrated in the following figure, it is mainly composed of a BPEL compiler and a BPEL definition registry.
It embeds also EasyVIPER, a workflow engine allowing to execute BPEL processes. Indeed, the BPEL Compiler generates EasyVIPER executable process instances.

EasyBPEL SCA model.

EasyBPEL layer mainly implements the abstract registry and compiler of EasyVIPER, according to a defined model.
It is typically used within an execution environment that manages BPEL deployment and message exchanges, and EasyVIPER engine that performs the workflow execution. The following figure summarizes the global functional architecture.

Global architecture with EasyVIPER, EasyBPEL and an external environment.

Frascati is developped by the INRIA team Adam. EasyVIPER and EasyBPEL have been made SCA-based thanks to their help and we would like to thank them.

Moreover, these libraries are used in the Frascati BPEL engine implementation.

If you want know how to use EasyBPEL library, please consult the list of How-tos.
If you have any questions, please use the [EasyBPEL contact form|Contact].

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