LINAGORA Labs’ mission is to enhance LINAGORA’s open-source products with innovative features. Our strength lies in complementarity, being composed of Computer Scientists, engineers and PHD students. The team is actively involved in first order French and European research projects. Thanks to these projects, we paint the future of the LINAGORA’s products by focusing on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Speech Processing, NLP&NLU, PaaS Cloud platforms and Enterprise Social Networks.

Current research projects

LinTO research project is a French PIA "Grands Défis du Numérique" funded by BPI, and supported by SGPI "Secrétariat Général pour l'Investissement" and DGE "Direction Générale des Entreprises". It aims at supporting the development of the LinTO open-source voice assistance for enterprises.
OpenPaaS::NG research project is a French PSPC "Projet Structurant Pour la Compétitivité" funded by BPI and supported by SGPI "Secrétariat Général pour l'Investissement" and DGE "Direction Générale des Entreprises". It has been approved by Cap Digital the French Cluster for digital tranformation. OpenPaaS::NG aims at supporting the development of the OpenPaaS open-source collaborative platform for enterprises.
C2Net is a European H2020 research project in the Factory of the Future domain. The goal of C2NET Project is the creation of cloud-enabled tools for supporting the SMEs supply network optimization of manufacturing and logistic assets based on collaborative demand, production and delivery plans.

Linagora Open Source Products

LinTO is an AI based vocal assistant dedicated to enterprises. Fully developed as an open-source component it comply with privacy requirements. LinTO is a physical object as well as a set of services available everywhere at any time to support employees in their daily personal tasks (agenda, e-mail) and during meetings (note and resume).


OpenPaaS is an open-source Cloud Platform for collaborative services. Based on the virtual desktop concept it provides basic services (mail, shared-agenda, contact) as well as WebConference, instant messaging, document sharing and editing. An enrichment mechanism is also provided for third parties to add easily new collaborative services.


Petals ESB is an Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). It is a Java platform based on SOA principles to interconnect heterogeneous systems, applications and services.


Linshare is an Open Source secure file sharing application intended to cover your business security and file transfer needs. If confidentiality and traceability are paramount for your business file transfers, then LinShare is your solution and better yet it's free!