With a strong experience in research and innovation, LINAGORA Labs contributes to several French and European projects, while building trust relationships with dozens of industrials, research laboratories and universities. This ensures us the best possible vision of market trends and nascent technologies.


LINAGORA Labs leads several leading research projects ordered by French research institutions such as OpenPaaS::NG (PSPC) or LinTO (Grands Défis Du Numérique).

Today, we continually seek to improve flexibility, agility and interoperability of our solutions and our on-going research is conducted in the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence for speech processing and NLU: conversational assistant during meetings.

  • Open source PaaS Cloud platform: interoperability and scalability across inter-organizational networks.
  • Collaborative engineering: ontology and semantic services, intelligent processing and collaborative development.


To maximise the innovation in the minimum of time and resources, we build our activity by combining three core ideas:

  • get a strong core team: we hire PhD (achieved or ongoing) specialized in our core fields, to make the link between research projects and products.
  • know your limits: one can not know all. That's why we built a strong partnership politics, with nearly a hundred partners.
  • don't reinvent the wheel: following a long-term vision, we make links between research projects to reuse previous project's ideas and code.





From the beginning, we have the conviction that open source is the best way to build software, benefitting not only users, but also its developers! As such, we always push open source distribution politics in our projects.

Moreover, all the code we produce is open source (mainly LGPL, some Eclipse or AGPL), for you to browse, test and reuse (in which case some thanks/feedback will always be appreciated. ).

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