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In a first phase, the ISTA3 Project complete the work and contributes to the implementation of the SEINE platform (Standards for Business Innovative Digital Scope), developed under the GIFAS (Industry Manufacturers Association for Aeronautics and Space) by AFNET (Association francophone NET). This contribution is to develop connectors for connecting the aerospace sub-contractors to the SEINE platform for the design and manufacture of composite materials.

In a second phase, and this is his major contribution, ISTA3 intends to introduce maximum flexibility. To do this, the goal of the project is to make progress in the research in ISAE, to develop Service Interoperability Utilities (SIU), prototype software solutions, configurable and reusable.

These SIU, more generic and adaptable than connectors, are associated with an implementation methodology and services.
These components (SIU methodology, services) are based on the results of research undertaken in ISTA3, results that are rooted in the recent European projects.

Phase 2 will aim to develop a prototype of this system, based on use cases, to show the contributions of third-generation interoperability.

An academic and professional training program accompanies the production of the results.

In the third phase, ISTA3 studies the possibilities to transfer the results to other aerospace domains, such as wiring and logistics.

  • A different industrial sector: the wiring. It only needs to analyze the specifications of this domain in interoperability and assess changes to the key results of Phase 2 (interoperability between software tools for design, definition of a different ontology ...)
  • Another industrial domain during product life cycle: the logistics. Interoperability has been resolved in this sector within a framework of standardization (see the work of BoostAero). We propose to evaluate the contributions of the third-generation interoperability, the value added according to existing solutions in this area.
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