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ISTA3: 3rd generation of Interoperability for Aeronautics Sub-contracTors

ISTA3 has been initialized by the Pôle Grand-Sud-Ouest (PGSO), one of the funding research pole of the Virtual international Laboratory for corporate interoperability (Laboratoire international Virtuel pour l’Interopérabilité d’Entreprise INTEROP-VLab (, and the project takes benefit of the skills acquired by partners in European projects INTEROP and ATHENA.

Most of ISTA3 partners are located in Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées, but also in Pays de la Loire and Nord-Pas de Calais regions. The project has been labeled by the Aerospace Valley Pole (Aeronautics, Space, Embedded systems) in Aquitaine/Midi-Pyrénées and received support of the alliance of the 3 aerospace clusters: Astech (Paris Aerospace cluster) and Pegase (PACA Aerospace cluster).

It has also been labeled by EMC2 pole (Metallic assembly and complex composites) in Pays de la Loire region, for an additional module.

The project has been elected by the 6th FUI (Fonds Uniques Interministériels - Unique interministerial funds-) from Central Direction of Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS) of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, and the approval of funding associates regional agencies (regional council, chamber of commerce and industry...).

It is handled by a consortium, constituted of 13 partners: aerospace industry, research and development centers (private laboratories and universities), training organization, IT companies. GFI group handles the project.


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