WP 1 - Model


Deiverables Description Version Type Creation  
L1.1 Concept Note - Definition of the scope and consolidation of the problem      
L1.2.1.1 AS IS phase 1 models      
L1.2.1.2 AS IS models      
L1.2.2 Summary of user needs, including training needs      
L1.3.1 TO BE Models      
L1.3.2 Prototypes specification, including training needs      

MeO Demo

Deiverables Description Version Type Creation  
L1.4.1 Prototypes validation documents      
L1.4.2 Minutes of prototypes validation      
L1.4.3.1 Technical and functional implementation report      
L1.4.3.2 Technical, functional, organizational and economic implementation report      
L1.5.1 Standard deployment plan      
L1.5.2 Market analysis, industrial solution business plan, including training market analysis      

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