France Telecom

Company name: France Telecom


Projects: Jones, Semeuse

France Telecom is interested in providing to users (developers or non developers other), an environment to create services, including services based on event. This tool should have an easy interface to compose and publish value-added services. All composition can be re-exposed to be reused by other users.

A SLA will be associated with these services, which will cover all the components. SLA will be proposed at design time and will be validated at run time (monitoring, …). Re-exposed composite applications are an early stage for the creation of an innovative market of services. This is the first step for a marketplace, where communities can create, publish, exchange and buy events, services, applications….
The main exploitation of the solution will be through new research project seeking powerful data processing event. In fact, SOA environment with events management will increase in the next years and SOCEDA platform can be an effective solution.
Currently, some research projects about RFID (Processing an important number of events emitted by RFID readers, sending enriched events to a centralized repository) or Machine to Machine (M2M) begin to use event-driven solution. Research object about cloud computing can be interesting by SOCEDA architecture system. Our objective is clearly to provide them a scalable, efficient and reliable solution.


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