Company name: INSA/LIRIS

Projects: SocEDA

LIRIS is a multi-disciplinary research laboratory focused on information systems as well as image and video processing. It is associated to the French research institution CNRS under the label UMR 5205. In the information system field, the laboratory is active in the area of databases, data mining and semantic issues of information access.

The Pervasive Information Systems team (DRIM: Distribution et Recherche d'Information Multimédia) of the LIRIS laboratory has been working on different aspects of ubiquitous computing, from context aware applications to query optimization techniques on non-conventional data. Works on context-aware applications concern the modelling of the context, the design of a pervasive middleware or the adaptation of user interfaces, contents and services. Works on non-conventional data concerns the inclusion of services in continuous queries, the (re) definition of relational operators on such non conventional data and the definition of query optimization techniques. In the context of the ASPESC project, the DRIM research group will focus on two main aspects.


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