Company name: MLS Multimedia


Projects: CHOReOS

(MLS) was established in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1995 aiming at the development of web technologies, telematics applications, multimedia software and software protection.
MLS is the inventor of the MLS Laserlock software protection system and has been awarded the 1998 European Information Technology Grand Prize Winner. MLS has developed “MLS Destinator talk & drive” that is the leading Navigation product in the Greek Market (60% market share). MLS talk&drive utilizes speech recognition & synthesis as a primary interface for the user. It comes in a number of different devices, such as handheld devices (PDAs & PNA) and mobile phones. MLS is also the largest company in development, publishing and distribution of Greek Multimedia titles in Greece. MLS has shown remarkable research activity, testament to this is the number of projects undertaken and managed by MLS. MLS has participated in 15 national and European funded projects, with a combined budget of more than 5 million Euros.


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