Company name: Odonata

Website: http://www.odonata.fr/en/

Projects: Jones

Odonata is a professional services company providing customized information integration solutions based on open source software. The company uses its own open source XML- and XQuery-based heterogeneous data integration components, called XQuare (XQuery Advanced Runtime Environment), combined with third-party open source software, to build state-of-the-art applications such as database publishing and data exchange automation, real-time data mining for business intelligence, Intranet and Extranet portals...

The company's open source components allow heterogeneous enterprise information, lying in various data stores, to be accessed, transformed, stored, queried, integrated and published as a single view using the XML format. The XQuare components rely heavily on standards such as XML, XML Schema and XQuery to perform their jobs, as well as on J2EE standards for easy integration in Web and applications servers.

The company provides consulting, training, development and support services for the development and deployment of applications based on the XQuare components, and more generally on XML-based data integration technologies, using its expertise in XML and derived standards (XML Schema, XQuery and XSL), and in Java and J2EE application development.


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