Petals Link

Company name: Petals Link

Projects: ALERT, CHOReOS, Contrail, Genesis, ISTA3, ISyCri, ITEmIS, Jones, Play, Process 2.0, Salty, SCOrWare, Semeuse, Siminthec, SOA4ALL, SocEDA, Synergy

Petals Link is an IT open-source editor (SME) established on 2004 in Toulouse, France. With more than 30 people specialized in middleware technology and service oriented architecture, Petals Link provides a strong added value in term of service infrastructure technologies as well as modeling and development tools. Petals Link offers support and professional services for users of their technologies that are provided in open-source inside the OW2 open-source Consortium (, the European open-source middleware community.

Petals Link has a strong expertise on middleware technologies and is working on two main families of open-source products that allow building distributed platforms:

  • PEtALS platform family: PEtALS ESB (, PEtALS orchestration engine (BPEL) and PEtALS notification engine (Event Driven Architecture, WS-Notification).
  • PEtALS modelling family: PEtALS Master (SOA governance,, PEtALS web modeller (Web based BPMN editor) and PEtALS wave (6Napse Web 2.0 collaborative platform).
    PEtALS ESB is based on JBI (Java Business Integration, JSR208) standard and support the SCA (Service Component Architecture) OASIS standard.
    PEtALS SOA governance tool (Master) allows to manage WSDL service interfaces, SLA contracts and semantic service description based on WS-Agreement and SAWSDL.


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