Company name: Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA


Projects: CHOReOS

Established in 1997, Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA has instigated radical changes in the services on offer in Italy and in the way they are  marketed, with the aim of establishing new market standards for the integration of telephone services, and the development of the Internet, as a global response to the communications needs of people and businesses. Wind is the third largest Italian mobile operator with 16.4 million customers and 18% market share; Wind is the second largest Italian wire line operator with 2.6 million subscribers, of which 1.7 million direct customers, leader in Broadband net adds in Q2 and Q3 of 2008. Besides Wind is the sole Telecom Operator in Europe offering integrated fixed, Internet and mobile telecommunications solutions and it is leading Italian internet portal: Libero with over 28 million registered users (end 2008). Wind has proven technology capabilities in the areas used in the various network segments, these range from mobile and landline access to the backbone transmission network. In the current scenario Wind has achieved strong performance in the Mobile market and a strong advertising ensures inbound results; as all main competitors have launched HSDPA mobile internet offerings.


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