Governance with EasierGOV

This task aims at building an infrastructure for the governance of the event platform.
The governance infrastructure includes the monitoring of the services through their entire lifecycle and the enforcement of the QoS/SLA contracts on the federated SOAs.

The initiation of this task will be to gather the relevant results from SemEUsE (ANR project) regarding the enforcement of QoS/SLA through the monitoring of services: how to apply the WS-Agreement and the Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) standards to enforce SLA contracts, and from SOA4All (FP7 project) regarding the collection of the monitoring information from grid or cloud-based infrastructures and from the federated distributed ESBs.
Next, based on the previous information, the participants of this task will define the specification of QoS/SLA enforcement framework for the federated distributed CEPs, e.g. define how to adapt the previous results to event-based interactions.
To help the platform administrator, this task will build a web-based administration console that displays live information from QoS/SLA enforcement infrastructure giving visual notification about violations, statistics, monitoring data, etc.

To realize all these functionalties, we have implemented EasierGOV.

EasierGOV is the governance tool able to allow a user to discover all topics (type of event) and all event producers known on a service infrastructure.
The flashs below show the synchronization realized between EasierGOV and EasyESB to allow EasierGOV to find all event producers:

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