Monitoring with EasierBSM

To design and develop a monitoring framework that integrates a monitoring layer and a monitoring frontend.

  • Monitoring layer is in charge of collecting monitoring information about services and events.
  • Monitoring frontend is a web-based tool that allows getting information and statistics about running infrastructure in term of services and events.

SocEDA will benefit from an ongoing effort conducted in the frame of the SEMEUSE ANR project where both EBM and Thales are involved and the SOA4All project where EBM and INRIA participate. Research about distributed monitoring are carried out based on the OASIS / WSDM standard and WS-Agreement for SLA (Service Level Agreement) definition.
The SocEDA platform will leverage such WS-Agreement / WSDM framework adapted to the context of federated Distributed CEP. To this aim, we will define an API for such QoS/SLA enforcement tool so that each federated service domain part of the federation will be able to use in order to express SLA contracts and collect monitoring information.

To realize ELA enforcement, we use EasierBSM. EasierBSM is an experimental framework able to monitor service provider or event producer and detect SLO (Service Level Objectibe)/ELO (Event Level Objective) violation.

The flash below expose how we can deploy an ELA contract in EasierBSM and how EasierBSM detect a violation on a Frequency ELO.
An example of ELA can be seen here.

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