WP5 - Integration and validation

The objective of this task is to integrate the developments made in other technical work packages in order to achieve a reliable platform prototype ready for validation by the different industrial use cases such as:

The results will be:

  • The SocEDA platform
  • A public repository with the Open Source packages available

The SocEDA platform will be based on three major Open Source components:

  • A CEP: Esper seems to be a good candidate to start,
  • A middleware managing distribution: ProActive Parallel Suite.
    The role of this task will be to achieve a good integration between these existing tools and the developments made in the WP 2 to 4. This task will produce an elastic and reliable platform for dynamic complex event driven interaction in large highly distributed and heterogeneous service systems.
    To achieve these goals a continuous integration solution will be used providing build mechanisms with regression tests and collaborative tools for the development like bug tracker. The testing will both verify performances and features provided by the SocEDA platform. The test of individual components already existing like PEtALS ESB or Pro-Active will remain in their current development environments.
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