How to use libraries - Samples


In this section you can find some sample of WS-Notification libraries usages. In general this
usages sample are Research project's result.

Sample 1 : the Petals Service Engine "petals-se-WsNotificationBroker"


As a result of both SYNERGY project and Genesis project we have
implemented a PEtALS Service Engine - a JBI component - that act as a "NotificationBroker", as described in
the OASIS WS-BrokeredNotification specification .
For a full description of this component, please refer to the following documentation (wsnotification:tip) :

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Source code links

Main component source code can be found on Synergy forge : Browse Synergy SVN repository; EBM folder .

As some part of source code use "svn:externals" links, please check out using using following links :
svn checkout svn://
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