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Home page: EasierGov - SOA Governance Tool (EasierGov)
download.png border=0! easiergov:Binaries EasierGOV will be an open source SOA governance tool for SOA Administration. The goal is to provide such facilities as controlling SOA resources, managing services lifecycle. Indeed, its model is based on the language Unified Service ...
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Page: Petals Link (LINAGORA Research)
Company name: Petals Link Website: !logopetalslink200x100.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Petals Link Website: Petals Link is an IT opensource editor (SME) established on 2004 in Toulouse ...
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Home page: SemEUsE Overview (Semeuse)
2008 2011 What is SemEUsE? The growth of large service ecosystems involve radical changes in both enterprise Business Process organisation and IT infrastructure to fit interoperability and agility requirements. To fulfil these requirements, one may address either the information system's alignment ...
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Page: Thales (LINAGORA Research)
Company name: Thales Website: !logothales200x100.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Thales Website: http ...
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