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Page: Adding Registry Listeners (PetalsDSB)
Registry Listeners are defined in the org.petalslink.dsb.kernel.api.messaging.RegistryListener interface. The main purpose is to introduce an extension point on endpoints registration and unregistration with the two methods: void onRegister(ServiceEndpoint endpoint) : Called just after a new endpoint is registered in the platform void onUnregister ...
Page: Adding Router Modules (PetalsDSB)

Page: BPEL Support (PetalsDSB)
DSB comes with some BPEL management API in order to be able to deploy BPEL processes and manage them. The current section provides all the information on how to use this feature. Architecture Really simple view: The BPEL runtime is provided by the JBI BPEL ...
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Page: Creating your Transport Layer (PetalsDSB)
You can create your own transport layer by using the DSB transport framework. Todo : Update and translate : sb
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Page: DSB Core Management (PetalsDSB)
first goal of the DSB management is to hide all the JBI complexity by wrapping and provided some JBI independant APIs and solutions. Another important goal is to hide the kernel management originally based on JMX and to provide a Web service management API. In the next ...
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Page: DSB Monitoring (PetalsDSB)
Short view{} A collection of modules routers are in charge of intercepting messages on request, response and ACK (more details on what is a router module are given here). At these different steps, the modules add some monitoring information such as timestamp and other KPIs. One module ...
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Page: WS Addressing (PetalsDSB)
DSB components (binding and engines) are all exposing some business services. Some of them also provide one endpoint which is 'WSAdressing aware': All messages which are send to this WSAdressing endpoint will be forwarded to an external service (if all the required ...