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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), as a key architectural pattern for prompt and rapid integration, is today a cornerstone of the agile Information Technology (IT) wave. Indeed, although SOA may sometimes be felt as just one more buzzword, it must be kept in mind that most of today's greatest successes, in terms of bringing agility to the whole enterprise through its IT backbone, have been provided by SOA and its major technological counterparts that are the Web Services and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). In this field, agility must be understood as "the combination of speed and adaptability: speed to bring new solutions to market more quickly, and adaptability to new business requirements and competitive pressure".

In this context, ITEmIS aims at easing the evolution from today's world of separate lightweight embedded applications and IT services to the future world of seamlessly integrated services, thus qualifying and defining a new generation SOA enabling IT and Embedded Integrated Systems (ITEmIS systems).

This endeavour is undertaken along three main axis :