What is ITEmIS?

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In this context, ITEmIS aims at easing the evolution from today's world of separate lightweight embedded applications and IT services to the future world of seamlessly integrated services, thus qualifying and defining a new generation SOA enabling IT and Embedded Integrated Systems (ITEmIS systems).
| This endeavour is undertaken along three main axis | |
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This endeavour is undertaken along three main axis :


To tackle these three aspects, ITEmIS provides: a service-oriented middleware achieving deployment, run-time integration, and administration of the heterogeneous IT/embedded services into ITEmIS systems; and Model Driven Engineering (MDE)-based meta-models and tools for the modelling, development, deployment, administration and correctness verification of IT/embedded services and ITEmIS systems. ITEmIS goals towards enabling ITEmIS systems are highly challenging due to their special requirements deriving from the extreme heterogeneity of their constituent IT/embedded systems and their increased need for scalability and agility.