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*Company name*: {multi-excerpt:name=partner-name}@Company Name@
*Company name*: {multi-excerpt:name=partner-name}TANET
*Website*: {multi-excerpt:name=partner-website}[] {multi-excerpt:name=partner-website}http://www.tanet.org.uk/


@Insert short description of the company here (3/4 lines max)@

@If necessary/useful add more information on the company here, no size limit.@
TANet is concerned with enhancing the collaborative capabilities of SME’s through the deployment of a
range of products and services. TANet typically operates in the field of IT interoperability and collaboration,
utilising European and National emerging technologies to disseminate, develop products and deliver services
to SMEs across the UK. SMEs may benefit through research activities of TANet members at a local level
and due to the structure of TANet, these benefits of best practice may be elevated to a national level or
TANet has the legal status of a not for profit company limited by guarantee under English law. It is managed
by a board drawn from its membership, which is made up of a range of University outreach and applied
research centres, regional centres of excellence and private companies. Each member organisation has a core
base of competencies and specialist fields, and through its membership has potential contact with around
9000 SMEs UK wide.
All the members of the INTEROP-VLab UK Pole are members of TANet, and TANet is the legal entity
representing the Pole. Thus the membership of the UK Pole is fully represented by TANet in JANUS.