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The [Distributed Service Bus (DSB)|petalsdsb:PetalsDSB Overview] developed within the Soceda project is an extension of the open source Entreprise Service Bus provided by [PetalsLink |http://www.petalslink.com/] called [Petals ESB|http://www.petalslink.com/produits/petals-esb]. The distributed feature will be described later in this section and will highlight the need of such feature at the infrastructure level. The DSB contains three components which are essential for the SocEDA platform : the [Adaptation Service|http://research.petalslink.org/display/soceda/Adaptation+Service], the [Proxy Event Manager|http://research.petalslink.org/display/soceda/Proxy+Event+Manager], the [Workflow Engine|http://research.petalslink.org/display/soceda/Workflow+Engine].
The DSB provides the SOA and EDA infrastructure for the so-called platform components and for end user services. The DSB aims to provide connectivity between services providers, services consumers, event consumers and event providers, potentially distributed over distinct administrative domains, in a completely transparent way on the user point of view. The core features of the DSB are listed below: