Linagora Labs is part of the open source editor and services provider LINAGORA, whose mission is to enhance Linagora Open Source products with new features. Our strengh lies in complementarity, being composed of Computer Scientists, PHD students and trainees, a System Administrator, a Web Designer and a Community Manager. The team is actively involved in first order French and European research projects. Thanks to these projects, we paint the future of the Linagora products by focusing on hot and innovative topics such as, PaaS Cloud platforms, Enterprise Social Networks, SOA and Business Processes, Enterprise Service Bus technology, Big Data and Social data mining.

Current research projects

Project OpenPaaS
OpenPaaS is a reliable social platform in the cloud, built to encourage collaboration and teamwork inside an easy and great user experience.
Project gSafe
Le projet gSafe a pour objectif la définition, la conception et la réalisation d’une solution de gestion d’espaces numériques sécurisés, ouverte et basée sur des standards. Pour ce faire il réunit quatre PME françaises innovantes, expertes, aux compétences complémentaires et aux intérêts communs : LINAGORA, CertEurope, Novapost et Oppida.
Project Soceda
SocEDA (for SOCial Event Driven Architecture) is an ANR [National Research Agency] project during 3 years (from November 2010 to November 2013). It has been labeled by two competitiveness cluster ("pôles de compétitivité"), PEGASE and SCS.

Linagora Open Source Products

Petals ESB is an Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provided by the OW2 Middleware Consortium.

OBM is a free messaging and collaboration platform useful for just a couple to many thousands of users with strong support for mobile devices.

Architecture of Open source digital confidence allowing the management and the deployment of electronic certificates within your SI.


LinID is an identity management software which bring efficiency in managing authentification and accesses of your users.

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