Jean Pierre LORRE
Research Director
Expertise areas: Cloud technologies, SOA, ESB, open-source, Enterprise Social Network, distributed technologies and semantic. Partnership building, Team management
Arrived shortly after EBM Websourcing foundation, Jean-Pierre Lorré (Mr) has built a strong team of PhD experts over the years, with more than twenty French and European projects successfully finished at this day. Now Research Manager of Linagora, he combines the historical expertise with LINAGORA's own assets towards the development of next generation cloud-based SOA and Enterprise Social Network. This includes European and French funded collaborative projects proposal as well as research team management.
Main achievements, projects and publications
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Research engineer
Expertise areas: Distributed Algorithms, Graph Theory, Homomorphism, Complexity, Service-oriented Architectures, Enterprise Service Bus, Middleware, SOA Monitoring, Event-Driven Architectures.
PhD in Computer Science, Thomas is currently taking part in European project PLAY, dealing with distributed enterprise service buses (ESB). Thomas's work focuses on different models of distributed computing in the context of anonymous networks, finding solutions for problems such as leader election, enumeration/naming and distributed snapshot. He also works on ubiquitous computing and adaptive applications topics. The final goal is to provide a generalized way to conceive communication applications over heterogeneous networks.
Main achievements, projects and publications
Chalopin J., Métivier Y., Morsellino T. Enumeration and Leader Election in Partially Anonymous and Multi-hop Broadcast Networks - Fundamenta Informaticae - 120 , 1(2012) , 1-27.
Chalopin J., Métivier Y., Morsellino T. On snapshots and stable properties detection in anonymous fully distributed systems (Extended abstract) - 19th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity - 7355 (2012) , 207-218.
Aguerre C., Morsellino T., Mosbah M. Fully-Distributed Debugging and Visualization of Distributed Systems in Anonymous Networks - 7th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications - (2012) , 764-767.
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Research engineer
Expertise areas: SOA, SOA Governance, BPM, NFR, BPMN, Model Transformation, Interoperability, Collaborative Process, Information System, SLA, MDA, SoaML, Java
Sarah Zribi integrated the Research Team in October 2010 as a R&D Engineer in Computer Science and a Ph.D Student in Industrial Engineering -at both Linagora and Ecole des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux-. She is specialized in SOA, SOA Governance, BPM, Modelling (UML, SoaML, BPMN, etc.), MDA and Model Transformation. She also participates in Nationally and European projects. Currently, she participates in the CHOReOS FP7 project and works in the implementation of tools for SOA Governance.
Main achievements, projects and publications
Sarah Zribi, Frédérick Bénaben, Jean-Pierre Lorré, Hervé Pingaud: Enhancing Services Selection by using Non-Functional Properties wthin BPMN in SOA Context. PRO-VE 2013 (Accepted)
Julien Lesbegueries, Amira Ben Hamida, Nicolas Salatge, Sarah Zribi, Jean-Pierre Lorré: Multilevel event-based monitoring framework for the petals enterprise service bus: industry article. DEBS 2012: 48-57
Sarah Zribi, Frédérick Bénaben, Amira Ben Hamida, Jean-Pierre Lorré: Towards a Service and Choreography Governance Framework for Future Internet. I-ESA 2012: 281-291
Yousri KOUKI
Cloud Architect & Researcher
Expertise areas: Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Computing, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Cloud Capacity Planning/Management, Cloud Auto-Scaling, Cloud Monitoring, Autonomic computing, Green-IT.
Yousri KOUKI received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from École des Mines de Nantes in 2013, his Computer Science Engineering and Master degrees the National School of Computer Sciences (ENSI) in 2010 and 2011, respectively. He is/was involved in several French-funded projects. In the context of some of these projects, he designed and developed an open PaaS solution that supports the Lifecycle of Cloud Applications across multiple IaaS. He served as a reviewer of several international conferences and journals.
Main achievements, projects and publications
Y.Kouki, F. Alvares and T. Ledoux, Cloud Capacity Planning and Management. Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing. Editors San Murugesan, Irena Bojanova. Wiley 2014.
Y.Kouki, F. Alvares, S. Dupont and T.Ledoux. A Language Support for Cloud Elasticity Management. IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2014), Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2014. (acceptance rate 19,1%).
S. Hasan, Y. Kouki, T. Ledoux and J. L. Pazat. Cloud Energy Broker: Towards SLA driven Green Energy Planning for IaaS Providers. International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC 2014), Paris, France, 2014.
Hoan VU
R&D engineer
Expertise areas: Trust management, Recommendation Systems, Formal Method, Security Protocol, Social Network, Risk Management, Electronic Signature
PhD in Computer Sciences, Hoan worked on the verification of security protocols , trust management for Internet application (Formal method, Theorem Prover). Then he also worked on a R&D project to develop a Social Network for the researchers community. Currently, he participates in the gSafe project and works on the Services of Signature, Authentication and Identification of gSafe.
Main achievements, projects and publications
H. Vu, M. Turuani Validation of the ASW Contract Signing Protocol, APPSEM, 2005
H. Vu, P. Jaillon, M. Roelens, X. Serpaggi Towards an Approach for Hybrid Trust Model. POLICY 2007.
H. Vu, P. Jaillon, M. Roelens, X. Serpaggi Towards an Approach for Trust Negociation. E-Commere, IADIS International Conference, 2007
Research engineer
Expertise areas: Multi-Agents Systems, Complex Systems, Emergent Problem Solving, Distributed Systems, Self-Adaptive Systems, Machine Learning, Continous Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization
Tom joined the Linagora Reseach Team in 2015, after a PhD thesis in Artificial Intelligence at the Toulouse University. His PhD topic concerned the solving of complex continuous optimization problems using multi-agents systems. His main topics of expertise are the engineering of distributed, self-adaptive systems and complex problem solving using emergent approaches.
Main achievements, projects and publications
In the context of the Integrated Design for Complex Systems ARN project (, lead engineer of a multi-agent system for the distributed solving of multi-disciplinary optimization problems.
Nicolas Couellan, Sophie Jan, Tom Jorquera, Jean-Pierre Georgé. Self Adaptive Support Vector Machine: A Multi-Agent Optimization Perspective - Expert System with Applications (ESWA), 2015. (accepted)
Tom Jorquera, Jean-Pierre Georgé, Marie-Pierre Gleizes, Christine Régis. A Natural Formalism and a MultiAgent Algorithm for Integrative Multidisciplinary Design Optimization - IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT 2013)
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Master Student
Expertise areas: Web services, development, AngularJS, Ionic, Android, Java
Houpert Yoann integrated the gSafe Project Team on June 2014 as a traineeship. He is a Student at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse and is preparing a master degree in Computer Sciences.
On gSafe project, he works on the backend part as well as the user frontend with new technologies such as AngularJS or Ionic.
Laurent LACOTE
Community Manager
llacote(at) Twitter:@laurentlacote

Expertise areas: IP law, Contract law, website building, project management, Multilingual writing, OpenOffice, Drupal, Confluence, JIRA
Thanks to his masters in several fields, combined with extended experiences, Laurent is the ringleader of Petals Link related websites. While leading occasionnaly law-related activities, such as partnership contract negociation, his main mission resides in internal and external communication projects, including daily content management (news, press release) and since last year, conception/refactoring of other LINAGORA related websites.
Projects,, conception, customization, writing and translation, administration. partnership contract negociation and writing (SOCEDA, OpenPaaS).
Designer in essence, his brush and css tricks always at hand, Sebastien is the one making LINAGORA products beautiful and its presentations meaningful. When he doesn't transform hazy schematics in crystal-clear illustrations, Sebastien draws the icons and logos of our software, or helps preparing communication material.
Interface design of Petals logos and interfaces. Graphical design of websites :,,
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