Jean Pierre LORRE
Research Director
Expertise areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Speech processing, Distributed Cloud Architecture, Free and Open-Source models. Partnership building, Team management
Jean-Pierre Lorré (Mr) has built a strong team of PhD and engineers experts over the years, with more than twenty French and European research projects successfully finished at this day. Main research domains deal with speech processing and Natural Language Processing applied to conversational assistant as well as social BPM. Its responsabilites include European and French funded collaborative projects proposal as well as research team management.
Main achievements, projects and publications
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Dr. Sarah ZRIBI
Research engineer
Expertise areas: SOA, SOA Governance, BPM, NFR, BPMN, Model Transformation, Interoperability, Collaborative Process, Information System, SLA, MDA, SoaML, Java
Sarah Zribi integrated the Research Team in October 2010 as a R&D Engineer in Computer Science and a Ph.D Student in Industrial Engineering -at both Linagora and Ecole des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux-. She is specialized in SOA, SOA Governance, BPM, Modelling (UML, SoaML, BPMN, etc.), MDA and Model Transformation. She also participates in Nationally and European projects. Currently, she participates in the CHOReOS FP7 project and works in the implementation of tools for SOA Governance.
Main achievements, projects and publications
Sarah Zribi, Frédérick Bénaben, Jean-Pierre Lorré, Hervé Pingaud: Enhancing Services Selection by using Non-Functional Properties wthin BPMN in SOA Context. PRO-VE 2013 (Accepted)
Julien Lesbegueries, Amira Ben Hamida, Nicolas Salatge, Sarah Zribi, Jean-Pierre Lorré: Multilevel event-based monitoring framework for the petals enterprise service bus: industry article. DEBS 2012: 48-57
Sarah Zribi, Frédérick Bénaben, Amira Ben Hamida, Jean-Pierre Lorré: Towards a Service and Choreography Governance Framework for Future Internet. I-ESA 2012: 281-291
Research Engineer
Expertise areas: Web services, Development, AngularJs, Ionic, Android, Java, JavaScript, Node, BpmnJs, Activiti, Docker
Houpert Yoann join Linagora on June 2014 as a R&D Engineer in Computer Science. He obtain a master degree in Computer Sciences at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse.
gSafe project: he was working on the backend part as well as the user frontend with new technologies such as AngularJS or Ionic.
C2Net project: he integrates a BPMN editor with OpenPaas as a module. This editor was able to execute itself with a personalised Activity Server for the C2Net project.
Hublot project: he is working on the integration with, LinStt and recommendation. Hublot works as an orchestrator of all the modules.
Research Engineer
Expertise areas: Internet of things, autonomic computing, knowledge discovery
Dr Yazid Benazzouz received his PHD in 2011 in computer science from National Graduate Engineering School of Saint-Etienne (EMSE). Since December 2015, he has held the position of research engineer at Linagora (Toulouse) and he became a regular contributor to the C2NET European project. Previously, he was involved in several European projects such as OUTSMART, MIDAS, BUTLER and CLOUT. He has also participated to the french project BlueSky.
Main achievements, projects and publications
a patent, several papers and book chapters.
Research Engineer
Expertise areas: Automatic Speech Recognition, Speech processing, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, AngularJs, Node.
Sami Benhamiche integrated the Linagora's Research Team in May 2016, he gratuated in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Robotics from Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse.
Projects and Products
OpenPaaS::NG project: he participates in the SP5 subproject of the OpenPaaS::NG project which allowed him to apply his knowledge of natural language and speech processing.
Hublot product: he worked on the Hublot bot that is able to connect to as a user in order to transcribe, recommend and summarize a video conference meeting. product: he worked on the scalability of the open source video conference tool
LinTo project: currently, he participates in the generation of the langage models of Linto.
Research Engineer
Expertise areas: Ontology, Knowledge extraction from text, NLP, Machine Learning.
Zied joined Linagora on September 2016. He obtained a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the Toulouse University in 2011. Before integrating Linagora, Zied worked at university as PostDoc and after in an industry. His main expertise areas focus on knowledge engineering from text. This concerns building and using ontology, knowledge extraction from text, NLP and machine learning.
Main achievements, projects and publications
Patent : (1) (2)
Many conferences and journal papers :(1) (2)
Abdelwahab HEBA
Research Engineer
Expertise areas: Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition task, Speech Processing, BeamForming, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Sequence modeling, Robust Automatic Speech Recognition, Combinatorial Optimization.
Experienced Machine Learning Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Brain-computer Interfaces, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Speech Processing, and Natural Language Processing. Strong engineering professional focused in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research - France.
Main achievements, projects and publications
Research Engineer
Expertise areas: Automatic Speech Recognition, NLP/NLU, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Linguistics.
Sonia BADENE is presently a phD student in collaboration with Linagora and Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research. Her research focuses on finding fundamental representations of discourse, mostly interpretable, which are useful for NLP applications, especially machine understanding. Prior to the phD, she was a Linagora apprenticeship student while studying AI and Robotics at the University of Toulouse. Apart from language, she loves nature and swiming.
Main achievements, projects and publications
Development of a configurable toolkit on Kaldi of comprehensive logging for Mixed Language Models for Improved French Conversational Speech Recognition.
Text Normalization on conversational French corpora.
Participating to Kaggle’s competition “San Francisco Crime Classification”.
Guokan SHANG
Research Engineer
Expertise areas: Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.
Guokan joined LINAGORA in December 2016, in the framework of French CIFRE fellowships, as a Research Engineer undertaking his PhD research in collaboration with École Polytechnique. His interests overspan all aspects of Machine Learning and its applications. In particular, his research deals with the challenging NLP task of supervised/unsupervised traditional/neural-based extractive/abstractive Meeting Summarization.
Main achievements, projects and publications
Shang, G., Ding, W., Zhang, Z., Tixier, A. J. P., Meladianos, P., Vazirgiannis, M., & Lorré, J. P. (2018). Unsupervised Abstractive Meeting Summarization with Multi-Sentence Compression and Budgeted Submodular Maximization. arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.05271.
Expertise areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Natural Langage Processing.
Rudy BARAGLIA joined Linagora's R&D team in 2017 during his last year of -Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Robotic- Master degree at Paul Sabatier University. He reinforced the team activities related to natural language processing and signal processing.
Actively developing solutions for the OpenPaaS::NG and Linto projects.
Damien LAINÉ
Research Engineer
Expertise areas: Strategic management of innovation projects, Linux, cloud computing, DevSecOps, Performance Tuning, Software engineering focused on cloud microservices, client/servers applications and the Internet of Things, Hardware mockup and industrialisation.
Following a number of years of software engineering, technical lead in IoT startups and consulting, Damien Lainé joined LINAGORA’s in february 2018 as R&D team’s Engineering Manager.
LinTo & OpenPaaS::NG
Research Engineer
Expertise areas: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Speech Recognition, Spoken Term Detection.
Ilyes Rebai joined Linagora as a R&D Engineer in April 2018. He received the master degree in computer science at the University of Computer Science and Multimedia of Sfax, Tunisia, in 2013. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student in the final year at Sfax university. His main research interests fall under the domain of automatic speech processing, particularly machine learning, speech recognition, and spoken term detection.
Main achievements, projects and publications
Several conferences and journal papers :
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