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h2. Contrail Release 1.3 - Latest Release

|| {color:#993300}Name{color} || {color:#993300}Description{color} || {color:#993300}Architecture{color} || {color:#993300}Download{color} ||
| {color:#993300}Contrail-R1.3-i386{color} | {color:#993300}All packages contrail i386 + Docs{color} \\ | {color:#993300}i386{color} | [tar.gz|]\\ |
| {color:#993300}Contrail-R1.3-amd64{color} | {color:#993300}All packages contrail + Docs{color} \\ | {color:#993300}amd64{color} | [tar.gz|]\\ |
| {color:#993300}Contrail-R1.3{color} | {color:#993300}Individual Packages + Docs{color} | {color:#993300}amd64 + i386{color} | [tar.gz|]\\ |

All the relevant documentation, user, administration and installation guides are available in this link: [|]

*Release Notes*

{color:#333333}What's new in the release?{color}

{color:#333333}\- Support for external Identity Providers (for example allowing login over Google){color}
{color:#333333}\- Support for SAML (exchange of attributes during login){color}
{color:#333333}\- Support for OAuth2 standard (securing API with OAuth tokes between the component calls){color}
{color:#333333}\- Authorization Server (fine grained control of token usage for the users and administrators){color}
{color:#333333}\- Dynamic-CA (for temporary services such as software defined networks SDNs for applications){color}
{color:#333333}\- Bug fixes of existing components{color}

{color:#333333}The release is made for the security enthusiasts who wish to know more about securing the access to a federated cloud infrastructure. The focus of this release is to provide the building blocks that will enable fine-grained security and which will be used in the final release of the Contrail platform. We demonstrate the usage of external Identity Providers with a Single Sign On (SSO) feature and the usage of OAuth tokens as a basis for next release. The detailed description about what new security components can provide can be found at \[S1\], \[S2\] and \[S3\] wiki pages, while \[OauthDemo\] link provides a quick overview of OAuth functionality. \[PortalDemo\] demonstrates how to use IdPs and SSO.{color}

{color:#333333}Release R1.3 builds upon a previous release which introduced:{color}
{color:#333333}\- SLA Manager on the provider level,{color}
{color:#333333}\- Virtual Infrastructure Network (VIN),{color}
{color:#333333}\- Federation updates to reflect additional functionality (SLA and VIN support){color}
{color:#333333}\- Updates have been made to the security part as well, adding basic OAuth 2.0 functionality.{color}

{color:#333333}Contrail previous releases allow a cloud administrator to offer basic SLA functionalities at the provider level on top of the deployment of applications on a data center. Virtual networks are also possible with proper OVFs.{color}
{color:#333333}This release of the Contrail software stack only indicates some basic workflow of SLA passing between the federation and the provider. {color}

{color:#333333}Installation Notes{color}

{color:#333333}See the Installation Guide \[1\] for full details. {color}
{color:#333333}Please look at the Administration Guide \[2\] for further administration details. {color}
{color:#333333}For further information, please visit the download page on the Wiki of the project \[3\].{color}

{color:#333333}We currently support the following systems:{color}
{color:#333333}\- Debian 6.0{color}
{color:#333333}\- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS{color}

{color:#333333}Software requirements:{color}
{color:#333333}\- current version supports virtualization on OpenNebula clusters only.{color}

{color:#333333}The User's Guide \[4\] describes the basic usage and functionality of the system.{color}

{color:#333333}For contact and any help, please send an e-mail to the {color}\[ /> 
Contrail project
Contrail <\|<br\][|]{color:#333333}> develops an integrated approach to virtualization, offering Infrastructure as a Service services (IaaS), services for federating IaaS clouds and Contrail Platform as a Service services (ConPaaS) on top of federated clouds. The aim of the project is designing, implementing, evaluating and promoting an open source computational cloud wherein users can limitlessly share resources.{color}

{color:#333333}Best regards,{color}
{color:#333333}Contrail Consortium{color}

{color:#333333}\[S1\] Security services:&nbsp;{color}[|]{color:#333333}+{color}
{color:#333333}\[S2\] OAuth Authorization Server:&nbsp;{color}[|]
{color:#333333}\[S3\] Dynamic-CA:&nbsp;{color}[|]
{color:#333333}\[1\] Installation Guide:&nbsp;{color}[|]
{color:#333333}\[2\] Administration Guide:&nbsp;{color}[|]
{color:#333333}\[3\] Wiki Download page:&nbsp;{color}[|]
{color:#333333}\[4\] User's Guide:&nbsp;{color}[|]