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*{_}OpenPaaS::NG : Open-Source PaaS solution for enterprise collaborative services{_}*


OpenPaaS::NG is a PSPC (Projet Structurant Pour la Compétitivité) project funded by « Investissement d'Avenir » !investissements-avenir.jpg|border=1,width=167,height=94!
OpenPaaS::NG consortium :


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The aim of the project is to develop next generation cloud enabled virtual desktop based on Enterprise Social Network concept to provide advanced collaborative and recommendation services :
* Real-time edition of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and business processes.
* Context based recommendation and automatic summarization for virtual meetings.

OpenPaaS::NG will leverage the following LINAGORA's technologies: OpenPaaS ([|]) Enterprise Social Network as well as Roboconf ([www.roboconf.|]net) deployment and Cloud elasticity management tool.

[If you have any questions, please contact us|Team And Contact#Contact]