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To implement Soceda architecture, we have decomposed the project into 5 work packages:
- [WP1 - Requirements and Architecture|soceda:WP1 - Requirements and Architecture] : This work package allows us to fix some requirements and explain the main objectives of architecture
- [WP2 - Federated Middleware Layer|soceda:WP2 - Federated Middleware Layer] : This work package exposes all runtime components of Soceda project expected for the monitoring
- [WP3 - Monitoring and Governance|soceda:WP3 - Monitoring and Governance] : This work package explains monitoring and governance tools used both runtime and design time.
- [WP4 - Design tools|soceda:WP4 - Design tools] : This work package exposes all design time components expected for the governance
- [WP5 - Integration and validation|soceda:WP5 - Integration and validation] : This work package describes the differents usecases that we use to validate this approach.