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The aim is to establish the overall technical architecture for the project, starting from the identification and collection of requirements from the use cases specified in WP5. WP1 will set the architectural basis of SocEDA, thus providing a common framework for the subsequent design and development to be undertaken in WP2, WP3 and WP4. These work packages will build on the WP1 architecture and refine it towards producing the complete functionalities of SocEDA. They will further provide useful feedback to WP1, thus leading to establishing the final overall reference architecture. Hence, WP1 will serve as an active link between WP2, WP3 and WP4, running for most of the duration of the project.

In fact, this section exposes:
- [The main concepts of Soceda Framework|soceda:Main concepts]: Why use Soceda? What is the new functionnality supplied by Soceda?
- [The requirements|soceda:Requirements]: An analysis has been realized to identify the specifications and needed functionality for both [Use Cases|soceda:WP5 - Integration and validation] and for the system as a whole. This requirements specification addresses both functional and non-functional concerns for the assessment of the solutions developed as part of the project: the [Federated Middleware Layer architecture|soceda:WP2 - Federated Middleware Layer] and the [monitoring and governance framework|soceda:WP3 - Monitoring and Governance].