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This Work Package is composed of 4 task:
# [Social-aware event modelling and matching|soceda:Social Filtering]: The goal of this task is to study state of the art event models and to design an event model that deals with the requirements identified. Associated with the proposed event model, we will define a set of matching relations that will be used for social-aware event filtering and social-aware event routing.
# [Distributed CEP Engine|soceda:DiCEPE]: This task is dealing with the question of a distributed Complex Event Processing engine. The aim of this engine is to detect complex events using events from various sources such as federated SOAs, and to share out those new complex events, which have been identified as Business Events, to enrich the whole event process.
# [soceda:Event Cloud]: The goal of this task is to design a publish/subscribe and a storage system for the federated middleware layer. The publish/subscribe system aims at managing event subscribers, and at delivering notifications to interested subscribers. The storage system is a causally consistent storage of heterogeneous and semantically described atomic or complex events.
# [Event based workflow engine|soceda:Workflow Engine]: The main objective is to illustrate a way of exploiting the generated events (coming from the distributed CEP layer). This illustration will be focused on in order to change and adapt running workflows into the different involved ESB. Each ESB will independently adapt its own behaviour according to the incoming events.

For the SocEDA rune time deployment, we have added a new component,  the [soceda:Sea Cloud],  to the federated middleware. It allows to client to subscribe to a specific producer, to add CEP reules or to deploy BPEL process.