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This Work package exposes all editors that we have implemented to be able to deploy business SOA/EDA application on Soceda Frameworks. These design tools are composed of:
* [Complex event editor|soceda:CEP Editor]: Provide tool offering facilities to specify event enrichment and defining complex (business) events.
* [Workflow Editor (Mashup)|Workflow Editor (Mashup)]: This tool aims at provide a mashup composition tool for IT and business users, to allow them to create quickly, simply and intuitively, composite application.
* [soceda:Social Editor]: This editor allow users to design the graph of social relationship between event consumers and providers.
* [EasierGov - SOA Governance Tool|easiergov:EasierGov - SOA Governance Tool]: In soceda, this tool allows us to detect all event producers inf a infrastructure of services. It's main functionnalty are described in [Work Package 3 - Governance|Governance with EasierGOV].