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Welcome to the ISTA3 project website.


*ISTA3*: 3rd generation of Interoperability for Aeronautics Sub-contracTors

ISTA3 has been initialized by the *Pôle Grand-Sud-Ouest (PGSO)*, one of the funding research pole of the Virtual international Laboratory for corporate interoperability (Laboratoire international Virtuel pour l’Interopérabilité d’Entreprise INTEROP-VLab (, and the project takes benefit of the skills acquired by partners in European projects INTEROP and ATHENA.

Most of ISTA3 partners are located in Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées, but also in Pays de la Loire and Nord-Pas de Calais regions. The project has been labeled by the Aerospace Valley Pole (Aeronautics, Space, Embedded systems) in Aquitaine/Midi-Pyrénées and received support of the alliance of the *3 aerospace clusters*: *Astech* (Paris Aerospace cluster) and *Pegase* (PACA Aerospace cluster).

It has also been labeled by *EMC2 pole* (Metallic assembly and complex composites) in Pays de la Loire region, for an additional module.

The project has been elected by the 6th FUI (Fonds Uniques Interministériels - Unique interministerial funds-) from Central Direction of Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS) of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, and the approval of funding *associates regional agencies (regional council, chamber of commerce and industry...)*.

It is handled by a consortium, constituted of 13 partners: aerospace industry, research and development centers (private laboratories and universities), training organization, IT companies. *GFI group handles the project.*


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