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EasyVIPER is a *generic workflow engine*. VIPER stands for *VIrtual Process Engine* with *Reconfiguration*.
Indeed its architecture is based on [*Frascati*|], a component-based framework following the [*SCA*|] standard allowing to reconfigure the engine and workflows at runtime.

It is mainly used in relationship with [*EasyBPEL*|easybpel:EasyBPEL Overview] but is able to accept any upper model managing processes execution.

The following SCA schema represents the main components and services provided by EasyVIPER.

EasyVIPER main components SCA model.

The EasyVIPER main component is the [*Workflow engine component*|easyviper:Workflow engine] that receives and sends messages coming from and going to an *external environment*. The [*external environment component*|easyviper:Abstract External Environment] is an abstract component dedicated to external / internal messages conversion. The [*abstract model component*|easyviper:Abstract Model] is an abstract component dedicated to workflow model management (when there is one), that is to say, a model registry and a model compilation module.

*EasyVIPER* is a [SCA|]\-based application, using [Frascati|] implementation.
It's basically a library allowing to build services-oriented workflows where nodes of the execution graph are SCA components.
The main component that manages these workflows are the *Workflow engine*.

Moreover, as EasyVIPER is intended to be used in a concomitant way with a workflow model, a SCA component for an abstract model has been designed. This model component can be implemented by various specifications (BPEL, XPDL, BPMN, ...) provided that a registry of model instances and a compiler are developed.

Finally the external environment component is in charge of messages sending and arrival, and their conversion between internal (EasyVIPER) and external (JBI, SOAP, ...) environment.

Frascati is developped by the INRIA team [Adam|]. EasyVIPER and EasyBPEL have been made SCA-based thanks to their help and we would like to thank them.

Moreover, these libraries are used in the Frascati BPEL engine implementation.

If you want know how to use {report-info:page:space > space:name} library, please consult the list of [How-tos|How-tos].
If you have any questions, please use the \[{report-info:page:space > space:name} contact form\|Contact\].