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The GENESIS FP7 Integrated Project is an European project that has been launched in September 2008. The duration of the project is 3 years. The GENESIS consortium is composed of 33 partners bringing a wide panel of multidisciplinary skills and experiences:

* participants skilled and experienced in ICT and related domains are key actors to define a reference collaborative architecture, and to make an efficient and sustainable solution;
* participants skilled and experienced in environmental domains as well as in health issues are key actors for the identification of users requirements, definition and implementation of the pilots, evaluation and take-up of the solution.

The Coordinator of the project is Thales Alenia Space France.

Relying on standards and harmonization processes, GENESIS offers a thematic-independant innovative solution : made of a generic software package. It is used as an “information system set-up framework”, which provides the interoperability layer to existing information systems, so that they can access to environmental databases or services available at regional, national or European levels. The proposed solution, highly flexible and scalable, can be easily instantiated and customized to various thematic fields and various contexts all over Europe. The GENESIS framework is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), where software components are grouped in classes of services; each class providing a particular type of function.

The web site of GENESIS is [].

Main results of EBM Websourcing for this project are detailed on the page [genesis:Architecture].

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