We analyzed the most recent research projects related to Enterprise Interoperability (EI): VIVACE, BOOSTAERO, SEINE, ASICOM, EPICE, INTEROP, ATHENA, European Commission FP7 and recently BOOSTAERO SPACE.

It has to be noticed that most of members of ISTA3 Project are participating or have participated to these projects. Furthermore, EBM Websourcing has been selected by AFNET to implement the SEINE reference platform.

Project Contributions for ISTA3 Contributions from ISTA3
VIVACE Interoperability between multiple partners in a product development More flexibility for SEINE platform and USIs connectors
BOOSTAERO E-commerce standards for aerospace and defense industries supply chain Dissemination of standards to aerospace industry subcontractors
SEINE Project SEINE results used in ISTA3 phase 1:
  • Exchange service interfaces specification
  • Standardised exchange process description
  • Standard format for exchanged data and payload
  • Specification of meta-data exchanged between partners and the SEINE platform
ISTA3 results used by SEINE :
  • Specification and development of a connector allowing to connect the information system of a partner (principal or contractor) on the SEINE platform
  • Development of a methodology to develop and implement connectors
ASICOM ASICOM project results used during phase 1 of ISTA3 : interoperability specifications and industrial prototype
Feedback from ISTA3 partners involved in ASICOM
Validation of theoretical results of ASICOM
Results of ISTA3 used for the development of new interoperability solutions in enterprise knowledge
INTEROP-NoE Methodological results of INTEROP allowing:
  • In Phase 1, an experiment in an industrial large scale
  • During other phases, to progress by identifying ways of developing an agile interoperability
Validation of research results
Continued research in INTEROP-NoE
ATHENA Methodological results of ATHENA, particularly :
  • Formalization of business oriented interoperability needs
  • Framework for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Testing PIM4SOA concepts
  • Interoperability Framework based on Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach
  • Ontology development framework
Validation of research results
Continued research in ATHENA
FP6/FP7 Exchange of experiences and new perspectives of interoperability Exchange of experiences and new perspectives of interoperability
BOOSTAERO SPACE Needs of aerospace subcontractors, from an international point of view Results of ISTA3 (connectors, ICU, methods, services) helping the connection of applications on the BOOSTAERO SPACE Hub, developed from the SEINE platform
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