WPL - July


July 5th, 2016


  • OPNG management : new measures
  • Pending M18 deliverables
  • Progress on each work package
  • September plenary
  • AOB



  • WPL meeting will be every last Tuesday every month at 11:00.
  • Gerald Oster is the WP2 leader.
  • Each WPL will convene a WP meeting (conf call) with all partners involved twice a month . For each meeting, he/she has to create a dedicated page in the wiki.
  • Prototype "Implantation du moteur temps-réel V1" is already implemented and is in the testing phase. => Demo for the next plenary (begining of september)?
  • Currently Loria is  working on P2P (multi-organisational dimension).
  • AppStore OfficeJS V1 is used internally by Nexedi. (a set of applications is available: https://www.officejs.com/).
  • First version of summary prototypes => mid-august (LIX).
  • Linagora will provide, by end of july, to LIX the needed data for the extraction of keywords.
  • TO DO (Linagora): Setup of an OpenPaaS infrastructure for OPNG partners.
  •  Despite the lack of OpenPaaS maturity, we (partners) will try use it within the project.
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