Synergy Platform

1) Support an efficient creation, operation and termination of a VO.
2) Enable the utilization and exchange of knowledge in each phase, by preserving the privacy of knowledge.
3) Adapt, in an ad-hoc manner, the current collaboration to a particular (previously unseen) situation, ensuring the agility of the underlying VO with an EDA approach.

SYNERGY Platform is composed of 7 services developed in the technical work packages (WP2-WP6). Here below provides the architecture of the SYNERGY platform:

  Sources of the SYNERGY Services:
PKMS provides effective mechanisms to manage and to utlize all the knowledge in the SYNERGY Knowledge Bases: VOKB - Virtual Organization KB, EKB - Enterprise KB and CPKB - Collaboration Pool KB.
The CMS is an evolution of the moderator software on to a platform like SYNERGY to support the virtual enterprises. The CMS has its own knowledge base (CMS KB) containing information about the CMS users and knowledge about how to perform the moderation activities.
CPat editor and simulator allows to describe and simulate collaboration patterns as BPMN artefacts.CollaborationPatternEditor-user guide-1.1.pdf
CPat assistant is a component that undertakes the management of collaboration patterns inside SYNERGY system. CPA has an associated KB, called CPat KB, containing instances of CPat.
CEP is focused on complex patterns of events. To detect these patterns CEP is concerned with clouds of events, i.e. multiple streams, to fulfill event patterns. SYNERGY’s CEP leverages the ESPER & ETALIS engines.
CEPEDO is a Knowledge Evolution Framework dedicated to generating, maintaining and managing complex event patterns.
The SYNERGY Event Service Bus is an enterprise service bus leveraging the Petals open-source ESB combining event-driven and service-oriented approaches to simplify integration of business units, bridging heterogeneous.
  Sources of the SYNERGY Services: Size
The objective of the SYNERGY installer is to automate the installation of SYNERGY system. The installer allows user to select which components to be installed and where appropriate on the user’s machine.README.txt 499Mb
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