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Home page: EasierSBS Overview (EasierSBS)
EasierSBS (for Semantic Business Services) focusses on semantic matchmaking of service, data and processes. This library provides mechanisms to select/rank/compose business services thanks to hybrid approach which couples logicbased reasoning and a syntactic similarity measurement mechanism. If you ...
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Page: SOA Governance Model - USDL (SOA Governance)
facilitate the SOA Governance adoption, it would greatly to coalesce around a governance model that covers not less than all SOA related policies, metadata management, control and management of service life cycle, and governance mechanisms that are required to monitor the SOA. Among ...
Page: WS-Agreement (WsStar)
specification defines the concept of an Agreement. An agreement is contract negociated between a client and a provider essentially on QoS constraints such as latency or availability. Nevertheless, an agreement is just a empty canvas. The way to specify these contraints are not defined so, we have ...
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Page: WS-CAP (WsStar)
WSCAP (for Common Alerting Protocol) is a standard able to define the format of an Alert. The figure below presents an example of alert when SLO violation occurs: !alertExample.png align=center,border=1,width=678,height=244! \Related Thematics\ \Related ...
Other labels: easierbsm, soceda, semeuse, governance, salty
Page: WS-DM (WsStar)
WSDM (for distributed management) is a specification that allows to manage and monitor Web Services. Currently, we just use an under set of the WSDMMOWS (for Management Of Web Service) specification that define how to monitor a Web Service. If you want more information ...
Other labels: easierbsm, semeuse, salty, soceda, governance, soa4all