Soceda Framework


The Soceda Framework requires Java JDK 6. You can download it here:

Since the version 0.5 of Soceda platform, you must install this .java.policy file at the root of your HOME directory to authorize rmi connection.

Soceda Framework

Here you can download a packaging version of the Soceda Framework:

  • Light version will download automatically all required components
  • Full version with all required components
distrib: Connection timed out

Extract the archive into a directory, open a command terminal to start all components locally on your machine, for example:

Alternatively, you can run the main.js in src dir script using the javascript interpreter:

If the jrunscript command is not found, it is located in the bin directory in your JDK install dir.

For example, on windows the absolute path of the jrunscript command is "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_32\bin\jrunscript.exe"

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