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logoifgi200x100.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Institute For Geomatics of University of Münster Website: Geoinformatics is the science of modeling spatiotemporal processes computationally. The Institute of Geoinformatics Münster provides bachelor, master ...
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Company name: Petals Link Website: !logopetalslink200x100.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Petals Link Website: Petals Link is an IT opensource editor (SME) established on 2004 in Toulouse ...
Other labels: isycri, semeuse, itemis, salty, soa4all, soceda, scorware, ista3
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logospacebel200x100.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Spacebel Website: Provider of Information Technology
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Company name: Thales Website: !logothales200x100.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Thales Website: http ...
Other labels: soceda, itemis, semeuse, salty, isycri, choreos, scorware, my:v1