Company name: Thales

Projects: CHOReOS, Genesis, ISyCri, ITEmIS, Salty, SCOrWare, Semeuse, SocEDA

With operations in 50 countries and 68,000 employees, Thales is a global technology leader for the aerospace, space, defence, security and transportation markets.

To support its operational units, Thales has created a network of corporate research laboratories called Thales Research & Technology. These laboratories are located at university campuses close to the company's research partners.

They host more than 500 researchers, 80 PhD students and around 100 scientists from partner organisations. The joint Thales Alcatel-Lucent research laboratory dedicated to III-V semiconductor technologies is part of this global network.


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itemis itemis Delete
semeuse semeuse Delete
salty salty Delete
isycri isycri Delete
choreos choreos Delete
genesis genesis Delete
scorware scorware Delete
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