WP3 - Monitoring and Governance

This Work Package is composed of 3 tasks:

  1. EasierBSM - Event based middleware monitoring :To design and develop a monitoring framework that integrates a monitoring layer and a monitoring frontend.
    • Monitoring layer is in charge of collecting monitoring information about services and events.
    • Monitoring frontend is a web-based tool that allows getting information and statistics about running infrastructure in term of services and events.
  2. EasierGOV - Event platform governance : This task aims at building an infrastructure for the governance of the event platform.
    The governance infrastructure includes the monitoring of the services through their entire lifecycle and the enforcement of the QoS/SLA contracts on the federated SOAs.
  3. Business Events Monitoring: to implement a business-centered monitoring of events that will provide user with high-level business related information about the system (e.g for UC2. plane x has landed, plane landing frequency is 2/min, ...); as opposed to traditional low-level information such as communication channel actual bandwidth and so on...
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