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Page: INRIA (LINAGORA Research)
logoinria.jpeg align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: INRIA Website: INRIA is the Frenchwide research institute on automation and computer science and engineering. It has many strong links with the CNRS French fundamental research institute ...
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Company name: Inria/Adam Website: !logoadam200x100.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: INRIA/ADAM Website: INRIA ADAM is a join projectteam between INRIA, CNRS and the University of Lille ...
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Home page: JOnES Overview (Jones)
2005 2008 Le projet JOnES (Java Open ESb), présenté ici, prolonge les travaux du consortium ObjectWeb dans la prise en compte des aspects Enterprise Application Integration EAI qui soustendent les ...
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Page: Open Wide (LINAGORA Research)
logoopenwide.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Open Wide Website: Open Wide est créée fin 2001 avec le soutien de deux grands groupes industriels français, de ...
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Page: Petals Link (LINAGORA Research)
Company name: Petals Link Website: !logopetalslink200x100.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Petals Link Website: Petals Link is an IT opensource editor (SME) established on 2004 in Toulouse ...
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Page: Telecom SudParis (LINAGORA Research)
int.jpg align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Telecom SudParis Website: Telecom SudParis is a leading graduate school of engineering and part of Institut Telecom, the reference Institute for Information and Communication Technology in France. While ...
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Page: Thales (LINAGORA Research)
Company name: Thales Website: !logothales200x100.png align=left,hspace=10px! Company name: Thales Website: http ...
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