Company name: ActiveEon

Projects: SocEDA

Founded in 2007, and based in the Sophia Antipolis Techno Park, France, ActiveEon is a Professional Open Source Software Company originated from INRIA that co-develops innovative software: ProActive Parallel Suite®. ProActive Parallel Suite is a complete framework providing a Java Parallel Programming library seamlessly integrated with Scheduling and Resource Management tool.

Thanks to the Research and Industry synergy and to its recognized expertise by the largest IT vendors, commercial partnerships sprang quickly and thus bringing industrial end users across varied domains. ActiveEon’s solution provides a uniform parallel computing interface, independent from the underlying virtualized infrastructure, for better utilization of existing resources from Desktops, Multi-Cores, Servers, Clusters, Grids and Clouds. ActiveEon which has a continuous innovation strategy is actively involved in French funded R&D projects (AGOS, OMD2).
ActiveEon company is specialized in the development of integrated solutions bringing distribution and parallelization into any kind of business application in order to scale up and accelerate processes. The ProActive technology has been already successfully applied in various domains such as manufacturing, life science, scientific computing, business process management, telecom, and finance.


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