Company name: CEFRIEL

Website: http://www.cefriel.it/

Projects: CHOReOS, SOA4ALL

CEFRIEL, ICT Centre of Excellence for Research, Innovation, Education & industrial Labs partnership, is a unique centre where academic expertise and cutting edge business know-how meet and integrate. CEFRIEL pursues these objectives through leading research activities, innovative services to enterprises, master programs, and high-level ICT education to professionals. Since 1988, CEFRIEL has continuously improved its original mission to act as a link between the needs of Industry and University. Interaction between the two worlds results in cooperative research laboratories whose activities have led to a wide range of innovative software and hardware product and services. CEFRIEL is organized into four ICT technology  competence centres covering all information and communications areas of expertise, from microelectronics to software engineering. Moreover, CEFRIEL organization addresses multidisciplinary research and development of innovative services and solutions in crucial application sectors, i.e. eGovernment, ICT for Medicine, Public Protection, Media and Communication, Ambient Intelligence, Environment, Mobility, addressing both technological and project management issues.


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