Douglas Connect

Company name: Douglas Connect


Description of the organization: Douglas Connect have many years' experience in knowledge management,
scientific research, informatics, education and marketing, and have been involved in organising
communication and knowledge management solutions since 1995. We are a Swiss company based close to
Basel, the heart of European pharmaceutical life. We specialise in communities and networks,
communications, collaboration solutions, consulting and training. We currently run the following activities
of relevance to this project:

InnovationWell ( is a member-based network of experts, researchers and
executives with a common interest in innovation and knowledge management in the healthcare sector. The
Community’s program has the goal of achieving improved outcomes in healthcare product development &
delivery through cross-disciplinary use of innovative technologies, knowledge-based strategies and
supporting integrated and semantic-based informatics systems. We have initiated international cooperation,
cross-functional collaboration and a consortium to progress improved industry performance in the areas of
drug and patient safety with the goal of reduction of adverse side effects and deaths of patients.
DC has recently established through a partnership a knowledge management training program in Europe,
which is currently developing a European faculty and being supported by eLearning to create a blended
learning program. For example the KM workshop week we are running 23-27 April 2007 in Basel,
Switzerland will be co-led by Beat Knechtli, Director and CKO, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Pavel Kraus,
President, Swiss Knowledge Management Forum and Senior Partner, aht'intermediation GmbH; Douglas
Weidner, President, KM Institute; and Barry Hardy, Founder and Director, InnovationWell. Program


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